Mason Jar Spice Library *love*

I’ve been lusting over pantry designs (for inspiration to do up our home in Sg) and spice collection lately and especially spices in neat rows of jars and bottles. So I did some hunting and searching for jars and bottles of my own (bless the internet shopping sites!) and after much drooling and tough decision, I finally purchased my own set of mason jars and clip-top jars. I dragged Zu to B&Q over the weekend to get a small pot of chalk-board paint and some painting gears and all I had to do was to wait for the jars to arrive. And when they finally arrived, I got to work almost immediately! 😀

First, I had to control myself from getting overly excited and piled the jars into the sink to give them all a thorough wash.

After drying them with a clean dry cloth (just the surface will do), I began the process by taping the area of paint with painters tape. Because I didn’t want the painted area to be in perfect rectangular shape, I tore the painters tape down the centre to get a rougher edge.









After taping all the jars, I proceeded by applying the first layer of paint. The first layer need not be perfect as it act as a primer and to give the paint better coverage. I then let the jars sit to dry by the window. I only waited for around 1 hour until the paint felt dry to touch (it has been very hot in London this week).









After the paint has dried, I removed the tape to check whether the paint has leaked and if the tape had pulled some paint out. The edges did seem a little ‘messy’ but thankfully it can be covered with the second coat of paint.









I applied the second layer of paint and this time a little thicker, and then left the jars to dry for 2 days just to be sure before I start labelling them. I bought myself a box of white chalk as I’m not too crazy over the coloured ones. I rushed home with my box of chalk like a kid rushing to the playground and started labelling them happily. Zu thinks I’ve gone crazy but hey, a woman can’t help but to feel proud of her own work. My jars are now sitting beautifully on the shelves and I can’t help but to admire them every time I pass them 🙂











Note: Mason jars are used for preserving jams and pickles and the top comes in 2 pieces, the screw top and preserving lid. There is a slight gap between the top and the lid which is important for the preserving process. During the preservation process, jars are put under high pressure causing the lid to lock in creating an almost ‘vacuum’ environment inside the jar. Since I will not be making any preserve or jam with my jars, I will try to replace the tops with a 1-piece top which is easily obtainable on sites like Amazon and Ebay. I’ll post up pictures of my new tops once I get them but for now, the original tops will do just fine.


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